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Our signature POWER Barre classes are like no other!  This unique class is guaranteed to make you sweat and shake all while toning, leaning and lengthening your entire body.  Your core will be put to the test in this high intense 55 minute class.  You will use your own body weight for resistance along with equipment such as a ballet barre, TRX suspension training bands, fitness ball, light weights, therabands, Pilates circle, bosu ball and more!  You will notice an improved posture, sculpted back, toned thighs, chiseled arms, tighter booty and flatter abs!  We can’t wait to see you at the barre!

CORE Reformer

In our 55 minute CORE Reformer Pilates Class you will get a total body workout while focusing on the mind, body, breath and how they work together.  We have eight state of the art Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers and towers along with Balanced body Wunda chairs. We also use other body sculpting equipment to intensify the workout such as Pilates circles, mini fitness balls, gliders, bosu balls and more!  The class is a combination of the classic elements of Pilates such as balance, flexibility and core strength at a high intensity rate that will ensure you get the most out of your workout.  We offer four different types of CORE Reformer classes: 1. Reformer/Wunda chair, 2. Reformer/Jumpboard,  3.Reformer Tower,  4. Reformer/Circuit.

Cardio PLUS

We offer a variety of cardio PLUS classes, all of which will get your heart pumping and make you sweat as you sculpt your body.  Tabata PLUS HIIT (High intensity Interval training) classes are fast paced cardio and resistance training that are designed to raise your metabolism and improve your endurance.  This anaerobic training will keep your body burning fat for 24 hours after your workout.  Cardio CORE Circuit classes will focus on improving your core strength while getting your heart rate up.  This is a timed workout that will rotate you between high intense cardiovascular exercises and core strength exercises that will set your abs on fire!   POWER Pilates/Plyometrics (jump training) classes will incorporate cardio and plyo exercises between a traditional mat Pilates series.  It is a fast paced, high intense class that will test your physical limits while increasing power, strength and endurance.


Our Yoga is an athletic, active and fast paced style of yoga that is adapted from the Ashtanga practice. This is not your typical gym yoga. The demanding strength moves of Vinyasa Flow are where the term ‘yoga butt’ got its start. This conscious movement connected with the breath helps to increase endurance and deepen breathing while testing the edge of your balance and flexibility. In our yoga classes, there are many isometric movements that will be performed which will recruit the body to work harder and spark your metabolism. This is an excellent total body workout that pairs so well with the other classes offered at Power Core Plus.