Where are you located?

Our address is 4210 E. Baseline Rd.  Suite 101-102.  We are on the Northwest corner of Greenfield and Basline.  Our studio faces out to Baseline Rd. and is the end suite of the building.  We have additional parking behind our building and you can enter through our back door.  Just be sure to check in for your class at the front desk.


How long are your classes and how often do you recommend people attend?

Each class is 55 minutes long and the number of visits varies by member based on his/her ability, level and overall fitness goals.  With that being said most clients attend 3-5 times a week.  You are able to try out all the different classes that we offer during your 5 day FREE trial so find out what fits you best!  We recommend switching your workouts up and coming to all the variety of classes to keep your body constantly challenged providing you continuous improvement.


How many people are in a class?

Our CORE Reformer Pilates classes have a limit of 8 clients, and our POWER barre, cardio PLUS and POWER yoga classes have a limit of 16 clients.  Since class sizes are smaller than a large gym, your instructor is committed to giving each client personalized attention.


How should I prepare for a class?

We recommend that you wear comfortable fitness attire that you can move easily in.   For safety and sanitary reasons the POWER Barre and CORE Reformer Pilates classes are required to wear non-slip grippy socks. (sold at the studio) Tennis shoes are required for all Cardio PLUS classes. You may have bare feet for the POWER yoga classes.  Members often bring water and a small gym towel.  Please try to avoid strong perfumes and jewelry.


How do I schedule a class?

We use an online scheduler that is simple and easy to use.  After your account is created you can sign up for your FREE 5 day trial online and schedule as well as cancel classes if necessary.

Can I show up late to a class?

We ask that new clients show up 10 minutes before their first scheduled class.  Once you are a member, we ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time.  Classes will start on time and missing the warm up is unsafe.  Members on waitlists will often show up with hopes of getting a spot in the class.  If you are late you risk that your spot will be given away to a client on the waitlist.  No one will be allowed in the room once it is 5 minutes past the start time.


What is your scheduling and cancellation policy?

You can book your classes online and we do offer drop in classes as long as there is a spot available and you are paid in full before the class starts.  Packages and classes are nonrefundable and classes do not roll over month to month.  Members must cancel all scheduled classes 12 hours in advanced.  If you “late cancel” (cancel less than 12 hours in advanced) one class credit will be deducted from your package and no additional fee will apply.  If you “no show” (fail to show without canceling the class) one class will be deducted from your package and your account will be charged a $20 no show fee.  Please respect other members and cancel classes in a timely manner if necessary so the members on wait lists will be able to join the class.