POWERCORE is the best fitness boutique in town located in Mesa, AZ. We offer small group fitness and Pilates sessions which include Barre, Cardio Circuit, Tabata/TRX, Bounce, Yoga and more!

Come by and meet our amazing staff. We trust that POWERCORE will become your home away from home.



4210 E. Baseline Rd., Suite 101-102, Mesa, AZ 85206

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Group Fitness


Raise your metabolism, improve your endurance and build strength in this fast-paced cardio and resistance interval training class. The anaerobic training will keep your body burning fat for 24 hours after your workout. Tennis shoes, small towel, and water recommended. Limit 14 per class.

Cardio Circuit

Focuses on your core strength and increases your heart rate! In this timed workout, we will rotate you between high intense cardio exercises and core strengthening moves that will set your abs on fire. Tennis shoes, small towel, and water recommended. Limit 12 per class.


Our signature Barre classes are like no other! This unique class is guaranteed to make you shake and sweat while lengthening and toning every muscle in your body. You will use your own body weight for resistance while working at the ballet barre along with props such as light weights, the magic circle, and therabands. Limit 14 per class.


“Jump” into the latest fitness craze at POWERCORE, AZ’s “ONLY” fitness studio to offer Bellicon rebounder classes. Better for you than running this low-impact cardio workout will improve your coordination and balance, as well as enhance your posture, tone your muscles and strengthen your core. After class, you will feel energized and continue to burn calories up to 24 hours later. Tennis shoes recommended. Limit 8 per class.

Yoga Flow/Yoga Stretch

Powercore yoga flow is an athletic, active style of yoga that is adapted from the Ashtanga practice. Continuous movement of the body with each breath will bring mindful awareness as well as increase endurance, tests your balance and flexibility.

Yoga Stretch will open the body peeling away layers of stress, injury, and tension, that resides within. You will get beyond the muscle tissue and into the connective tissue – the fascia of the body. Yoga mat recommended. Limit 12 per class.



A combination of traditional Pilates exercises with high-intensity repetitions. This class will enhance your balance, flexibility and core strength to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Exercises performed on Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers. Non-slip grippy socks required. Limit 10 per class.

Pilates Circuit

Allows you to get your heart rate up by using a mix of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Jumpboard, Tower and EXO chair) as well as props such as a magic circle, therabands, and weighted balls. You will be guided through a series of circuits that will test your endurance and leave you feeling strong. Non-slip grippy sock required. Limit 10 per class.


You will want to come to this class for a mix of exercises that will lengthen and chisel your muscles. Varying spring tension on the Tower offers your body fuller range of motion increasing mobility, flexibility and continued core strength. Non-slip grippy socks required. Limit 10 per class.


In this music pumping, high energy class your legs will feel the burn, but without the impact on your joints. It’s cardio lying down! Jumping in between arm and ab exercises will get your whole body shaking. Non-slip grippy socks required. Limit 10 per class.


Slow down and strrrretch… In this class, you will be led through a series of stretches on the Reformer or EXO chair to enhance your range of motion. This is a slower paced class accompanied by soft music and has a greater level of hands-on assistance. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to become familiar with the equipment if you are new to Pilates. Non-slip grippy socks required. Limit 10 per class.